gg-ecoleGeneviève Grenier has developed a pedagogy focused on the pleasure of the music that active learning basic cognitive processes in child development. Along Puppet Pianissimo, toddlers are invited to make a fantastic journey to the land of elves musicians.

The discovery of musical instruments, musical games, rhymes, movement, manipulation of percussion instruments and the famous race of elves are scheduled for this course adapted to different ages of childhood.

“Music has a significant impact on our bodies and organizms. When I was a little baby, I cried a lot at night. One day, my parents put a stack of records on the turntable and I finally calmed down. Classical music has rocked me and left a deep impression of security and calm within me. For as long as i can remember, music, depending to it’s style either leads me to getting into movement, to be energized or completely relaxes me. ”

“As a little girl, I played school with my friends and I was the teacher. When in my teens, art was very present in the family, I dreamed of creating a school where the arts would be honored. And my deep passion for music took over. ”

“The adventure of the music school began in 1989, when I opened it with my then partner! Two other teachers joined us and we started the first session with 35 students. This figure doubled at the next session. Our school now has a team of 15 dynamic teachers and over 250 students. ”

“I am proud of the progress made all these years, because I am convinced of the key role of music in our lives. It contributes to the development of the child as a whole as well as to channel the energy of teenagers by allowing them to express their emotions. Learning an instrument often allows adults to relax and even to realize a dream. It is this belief that drives me, year after year, and that pushes me to surround myself with teachers both knowledgeable and passionate!”

Watch the video “Pianissimo & Compagnie”(in french):

“Since January 2013, we join music to movement in an approach called Biodanza. Music has the power to touch us, it leads us to move in a movement full of meaning for us to live as we truly are. Biodanza invites us to find coherence in our lives by integrating what we feel and what we think in our life movement. “